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      Atmantra was given its name as a combination of two very important spiritual concepts: Ātman and Mantra. Atman is a Sanskrit word describing one's personal identity in spirit. This meaning goes deeper than our surface personality or physical traits. Mantra is a sound or vibration that resonates within ones spirit, and vitalizes the soul. A mantra could be anything from a saying to a song, or a tone produced from a singing bowl.

      Atmantra was created to provide spiritual practice items for your home and personal use. We believe that many spiritual practices from meditation to tarot readings can be helpful to anyone. Our company strives to provide a wide array of quality items used in these practices.

      We want to make a difference with our company! Part of many spiritual practices involves fine tuning our connection to the earth and respecting nature's gifts. We believe that it is vital to address the ongoing climate crisis and the threats facing natural environments. To do so, we will be donating 10% of profits to the Amazon Conservation Association. Our goal is to one day be able to donate 90% and more to help stop deforestation!

      For more information on the Amazon Conservation Association, visit https://www.amazonconservation.org/